Which Type Of Industries Use The Most Energy? Who Saves The Most?

If you have been considering an energy management system and you are trying to weigh up the pros and cons, we wanted to give you a look at some of the industries that use the most energy. Once you have this information you will be able to see whether your industry is more likely to save more money with an energy management system.

The truth is any business that uses electricity can save with an energy management system. There are some businesses that will be able to save more and that comes down to how they are using the energy and what they need to have for the upkeep of their business.


As a rule of thumb if you are in the following businesses you are going to use the most energy:

Manufacturing – This type of business will use far more energy than a standard business and this is down to equipment and also the fact that they need to be running nearly all of the time.

Construction – Construction is another area that can save with an energy management system. Part of the reason that construction costs so much to run is because of the equipment needed and the amount of power that you will need to operate different equipment and machinery.

Industrial – Anything in the industrial sector is going to use more energy than a standard business.

Commercial – If you are a commercial shop or gas station then you can definitely save by having a good energy management system that will make sure that you are only paying when you are using energy.

Residential – If you are more of a residential based business then you can still save especially if you have equipment that is using a lot of energy.

One of the best things that you can do if you are still trying to decide whether you need an energy management system is to think about the following.

Real-time monitoring – You will want to make sure that you have an energy management system that will give you real-time monitoring and that of course will let you know exactly where you can save money on your energy. Some management systems were any give you a rough estimate and that is not really going to help if you want to be able to keep your finger on the pulse and know how much you can save.

Optimizing – The other thing that you will want to make sure that you get with your energy management system is the ability to optimize the energy that you are using. If you just get reporting, then you will be able to see how much energy that you are using but it will not really help you in terms of saving energy.

If you have a system that can automatically optimize based on the criteria that you set, then you will be able to get a far better picture and save more money.

Cloud-Based – We also highly recommend going for a cloud-based solution as that will make sure that you are able to login anywhere and be able to see all of the data that you need to save money on your energy.

Where To Go From Here?

We recommend that you take a look at this page, and it will explain exactly how Eniscope can help you. It is quick to set up and it also gives you a complete overview of the energy that you are using so you can start saving money on your energy bill.

Depending on the type of business you will also be able to retrofit additional products that will help you to manage a HVAC system for instance. This means that you are able to save even more energy and money from your bills.

The simple way it works is that you are only using the energy that you need and there is no wastage.

We offer a free consultation, and we also offer a demo if you want to see how industries like yours have save money from their energy bills by using Eniscope.

It does not have to be a grind for you to be able to save money from your energy bills. It also does not require a huge time outlaid to have this setup and start working for you. In most cases we are able to set up Eniscope in the space of a few hours and you can start saving straightaway.

If you are interested in saving energy in your business, especially if you have found your business lies within one of the ‘energy hungry’ niches that we mentioned above then click the link below and get all of the details that you need…

Click here to get a free consultation to see how much energy you can save with Eniscope…

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