What Can An EMS (Energy Management System) Do For Your Business?

If you are trying to save on the energy costs for your business, you may have already heard of an EMS or (energy management system). In this post we’re going to explain exactly what an energy management system is, and we will also outlay how it can help your business and ultimately save on costs.

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What is an EMS (energy management system)?

The purpose of an energy management system is to control and record as well is optimize the energy usage both in the building and of your equipment. Some of the most common uses that you will find with an energy management system is controlling refrigeration, lighting, HVAC. You will find that these are installed in grocery stores, commercial buildings, schools and hospitals, factories and anywhere where energy management is a paramount concern.

As mentioned at the start of the post, the ultimate goal is to save money from your energy bill.

May 2022 Update:

At the time of writing, energy management systems have become incredibly popular as a way to save money from the cost of your commercial building. With energy bills skyrocketing if you are able to record the energy that you are using, optimize it so you are not spending so much and also automate so you always have the energy that you need at times you need it – it not only saves you money but makes your business more efficient as well.

Before we get into what an EMS can do for you and your business, we wanted to touch on the main reason why people put off considering an install.

Why Would You NOT Have An EMS (energy management system) installed?

Some of the reasons why businesses feel that it might not be an option for them might be around:


Some businesses falsely believe that the cost with setting up an EMS for their building or their equipment would be astronomical. The opposite is normally true, while there will be a cost involved the amount that you will save over the year on your energy bills far outweighs any of the cons.


Another reason that you find businesses will not consider an EMS is believing that the installation process would be very lengthily and interrupt workflow. This again is not true; in most cases you will find that a good EMS can be installed within a couple of hours.

Of course, systems vary – we can only speak for ourselves at Optimizet – feel free to download a brochure for Eniscope if you want to get more of the details.

Not Worth It!

Interestingly, despite rising costs some businesses feel that an EMS will not do much for them in terms of savings. We personally feel that this reason is a real shame for not looking at the options. Nearly all businesses that have some form of commercial equipment or have a HVAC system can be optimized and save money with a good EMS.

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why you do want to consider a good EMS:

Reasons to Consider an EMS and What It Can Do for Your Business:

  1. Save on Bills and Costs:

This is the biggest reason that you will want to consider an EMS. Anything that has operational costs associated with it such as lighting, HVAC systems, water systems, refrigeration etc… Will have costs associated, these costs are going sky high and by having a good monitoring service and optimization system you can save.

The benefits do not stop there however, as once you have a good EMS installed you will be able to track your energy usage over periods of time and you will be able to see exactly when you are using energy and you will also be able to see any “downtime”, this means that you can optimize your systems to be working when you need them to and to power down when you don’t.

The other area that is very important with a good EMS is that you will not have to run everything at 100% so this means that your machinery and equipment will actually last longer, need less servicing and save you money on any repair costs.

With businesses looking to adapt to rising energy costs this is without a doubt the biggest reason to check out a good EMS and we are very confident in saying that the benefits far outweigh the cons.

  1. Environment:

Of course, another benefit of being able to save energy is with the environment itself. If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, then making your business more efficient and monitoring as well as optimizing the energy that you use will only be a good thing.

As businesses are becoming more conscious of the environment making sure that you have a good energy management system is definitely well worth considering maintaining the environment and become more economical.

  1. Happier Staff:

This is an area that businesses commonly overlook. By having better energy regulation, you will find that your staff are happier more comfortable. Take heating and cooling for instance, if it is being maintained to the perfect temperature and only using the energy that you need, you will find that your staff are far less likely to get too hot or too cold.

This can lead to happier staff; in turn this leads to better productivity and will improve the business overall.

  1. Automation and Return:

The other area where a good EMS can help is the automation aspect. Once you have analyzed how much energy that you are using, you will be able to build a picture over time.

Once you have got good picture of the exact energy that you are using you can set the system up to automate conserving energy, this means that when it is early morning, and no staff are active in the building you can adjust the heating systems accordingly which means that you will save money. Now, instead of having everything just on or off you are able to regulate and have your heating and cooling working for you.

This also works in the same way with commercial refrigeration where you will be able to have your fridges running at a lower rate in the middle of winter, likewise in the summer can make them work a little bit harder.

The main thing is that you will have a system that is able to automate and work out exactly how much energy that you need. This also allows you to see in the reports where there are any “energy leaks”, if a piece of equipment is using a lot of energy it will help you to understand when it needs replacing rather than it is costing you a huge amount on your bills.

The main thing to remember is that once you get a good EMS system it is actually an investment where you are going to make a return on your investment. While there is always a cost associated with a good EMS system, the savings that you make far outweigh any cost and installation process.


If you know that you need to save money on the energy usage for your business, you have two options:

  1. You can go at it alone. This is possible, if you are going to go down this route, we recommend hiring a member of staff is able to check all of your systems and manually adjust accordingly. They will be able to do the same thing as an energy management system, of course this will mean an extra staff member and it also means that mistakes can happen.

Essentially, if you are going to go down this route you will want them to analyze and monitor current costs. Work out where you can save money and then implement throughout the day and night to make sure that you are optimizing the systems to use the least amount of energy while also remaining efficient. If you’re going to go down this route, we have an energy-saving checklist for you to read that will help you.

  1. EMS (energy management system) Installation:

If you are considering an energy management system, we would highly recommend this over our first suggestion. The simple reason is that this can work for you once it has been installed and do so automated 24 hours a day.

We highly recommend checking out Eniscope EMS which is our energy management system that we offer here at Optimizet.

It allows you to get:

Real-Time Data and Open Book Policy:

The Eniscope EMS allows you to get real-time data for all of your buildings, however large so you can have a better understanding of how much energy that you are using and how much you are saving.

Innovative, Safe and Easy to Install Hardware:

Optimizet Energy can install the Eniscope EMS in under three hours! This means that there is no need to interrupt your business, it is quick and easy, and you will be saving money from the offset.

Uncover Invisible Energy Waste to Recover Costs:

You will also be able to uncover hidden energy costs and use features such as automatic energy overuse alarms, you can even get remote access to your systems via the wireless control modules, this will help you to avoid energy wastage on site anywhere in the world.


We hope this is helped you see what a good EMS can do for you and your business and how much money you can save.

We would love to hear from you at Optimizet, we cater for businesses individually and give you a free consultation to make sure that we are able to recommend the best energy-saving products for you.

Contact us below for a free consultation and you can also download a free brochure of the Eniscope EMS by clicking here.

Thanks for reading and look forward to saving you money on your energy bills in 2022!

Questions and Answers At A Glance About Energy Management Systems:

Q: What does a energy management system do?

A: The easiest way to think of an energy management system is something that will control and monitor any device that uses energy. These can be quite extensive and may include HVAC systems, refrigeration or lighting. It can also include individual electrical equipment such as fans or pumps.

Q: Why do need an energy management system?

A: In 2022, we highly recommend having an energy management system especially if you are running a facility that uses a lot of electrical equipment. If you have a restaurant or a car dealership that uses a lot of electricity and lighting then they will be a must have. Quite simply, you will be able to save up to 20% off of your consumption costs and your bills.

Q: What are the main working parts of an energy management system?

A: You will normally find a good energy management system will give you the ability to see energy consumption, smart circuits that are set up so you can adjust settings. You will normally find that you get a smart panel as well is the ability to log into a monitoring and control app.

With Eniscope EMS for instance, we will give you access to the cloud. This means that you are able to login from anywhere in the world and manage your energy usage as well as energy adjustments.


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