What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Energy Management System?

If you are trying to save money from the energy costs for your business, then you will probably have heard of an energy management system or a business management system.

Essentially, this will allow you to see how much energy that you are using, spot any equipment that is overusing energy and you will also be able to adjust accordingly so you are only using the energy that you need. You can see why in 2022 this would prove very popular.

However, we wanted to give you a quick look at some of the pros and cons of an energy management system. This will allow you to see any downsides or areas that you will need to think about before you commit.

We will also cover the main reasons to consider an energy management system.

If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, then there is no better time to go for a good energy management system especially when you consider the price of energy that is always rising.

We will look at the pros first and then we will take a look at the cons and finish off with the recommended next steps…

Pros of An Energy Management System:


If there is one reason that you install an energy management system for your business, it will be to lower costs. This is the main benefit that you are getting, and it will allow a reduction in operational costs around your equipment.

The main areas of focus will be heating and cooling as well as air-conditioning otherwise known as HVAC systems.

You will also have lighting as well is any factory equipment or process machinery. Anything that uses electricity will be able to be monitored with a good EMS. Of course, as well as monitoring you will also be able to adjust the amount of energy that you are using.

Some businesses can save up to 40% using an EMS annually.

Increase Bottom Line:

As well as minimizing on costs it will also allow you to increase your bottom line. Not only will you be saving money, but a good EMS will also spot any faults with your equipment far quicker. This means that you will save on repairs or maintenance costs, and it will also allow you to see if anything is causing the electricity usage to spike.

This is something that you would not normally be able to see without a management system installed.

When you couple this with upgrading your equipment to energy efficient and also lowering your carbon footprint you will find that it helps your business streamline and run more efficiently.

Brand recognition:

This may not be the primary reason that you install an energy management system but once you have done it will improve the image of your brand. If you are a business that is practicing environmentally friendly processes, then this will only help your business.

Let us know have a look at the cons of an energy management system:

Cons of an Energy Management System:

Lengthy Installation Times:

If you are looking to get all of the benefits above, then you will need to have an energy management system installed. Some of these energy management systems can take a long time to install and may have staff unable to work while they are being set up.

The good news is if you decide to have Eniscope EMS installed by ourselves here at Optimizet, not only will it only take a few hours in most cases, but we are also able to do so without interrupting work.

False Alarms:

Another fear with having an EMS installed is the amount of false alarms that you will get. These false alarms will be due to the software not working correctly with your equipment. We are happy to say that if you get Eniscope installed this is not a problem as it is able to work seamlessly with all of your equipment through the IoT system.

Difficult To Use:

When you have an energy management system you just want to be able to see how much energy that you are using, whether there are any changes and also have something that can automatically optimize for you to make sure that you are only spending what you need.

A fear with having an energy management system installed is that it will be difficult to use. We have you covered with this as well. You will find Eniscope EMS easy to use and very clear to see what is happening and recommendations.


As you can see above there is no doubt that having an energy management system installed has far more pros than cons. In fact, you will see all of the downsides to having an energy management system installed will be down to bad infrastructure.

With Eniscope EMS and using IoT technology it makes it very easy to set up but allows for powerful optimization of the energy that you are using.

We highly recommend that you check out the Eniscope EMS, not only will it give you all of the pros that we have mentioned above but it is also able to do so without any of the downsides which means that you can get start saving and also get this setup quickly and easily to start optimizing your energy.

We also offer a free consultation where we will be able to show you businesses that we have worked with similar to yours, we will also be able to show you how you can make up to 40% savings from your commercial energy bill.

Click here to contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about Eniscope EMS…



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