Save On Business Energy Usage – How To Save Money On Your Energy And Top FAQ’s

In this post we are going to answer some of the top questions that people have around saving on energy. More specifically, saving on commercial energy.

If you are a business in 2022, then no doubt you have been looking at how to save on energy costs with them consistently rising. We will walk you through some of the top questions that come up around commercial energy savings and energy monitoring.

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Let is now have a look at some of the top questions around how you can save on business energy used and the cost in 2022:

Top Questions On How To Save On Business Energy:

Q: What Are The Cheapest Ways Of Saving Energy For Your Business?

A: If you are looking to save money from your energy usage and do so in the cheapest possible manner then the best way is to monitor the energy that you are using. There are many ways of doing this:

Turning off unused lights.

Monitoring the energy that you are using from your assets manually.

Getting the staff on board with energy-saving actions.

You can also look at where you are spending the most energy specific to your business and make adjustments.

For instance, if you are running a restaurant, you might have a policy where only one person is allowed in the walk-in freezer at a time. This means that the door is not being left open and you will not be using too much energy.

Another way that you could make sure that you are saving on energy is by double checking the everything has the latest energy-saving technology and has been recently maintained.

If you are really serious about doing all that you can in your business for energy-saving it can help to employ staff or allocate a certain percentage to making sure that they are monitoring and updating, you on energy usage. You will then be able to build a picture of the energy that you are using and adjust accordingly.

You can see a comprehensive list of all the top energy-saving tips, and we also have a free checklist for you that comes directly from energy Star.

Q: Which Types of Businesses Consume The Most Energy?

A: If you are trying to decide whether going through the process of energy-saving will be worth it in your business then we can tell you that it is 99% likely to save you money. However, there are some industries that use more energy than others.

If you are in any of the following industries, you will most likely be able to save money on your energy bills by monitoring or installing a good BMS (building management system).

Business Types That Use A Lot Of Energy:

Car dealerships:

Lighting is used a lot here and as they tend to be open all day and need to have adequate lighting it can cost a lot in terms of energy. You will also find that a good car showroom needs to be kept relatively cool as there would be nothing more off-putting to a prospective buyer then a hot and stuffy showroom.

The HVAC system is more than likely having to run on over time. If you run a car dealership, then you should definitely look at a good energy monitoring system or building management system and you will be able to save energy without a doubt.

Office Buildings:

If you run an office building, then you absolutely will save money with energy monitoring and adjustment. We highly recommend that if you run an office to look at updating your HVAC system and getting it monitored if needed. Making sure that the equipment is energy-saving regulated and ideally installing a good energy management system or building management system.

This will make a huge difference in the amount you can save on your energy bills.

We have also put together some info on how you can save money in a commercial building that should help you get started.

Restaurants and grocery stores:

If you run a restaurant or grocery store, then you will already know that you need to have freezers and fridges that are running constantly. The good news is that these are fairly easy to regulate and work out which are spending the most energy. The problem is that you would need to have someone employed twenty-four hours a day to be able to regulate it properly. We highly recommend installing an energy management system that will allow you to see how much energy that you are using and also automatically regulate to save money.

The great thing is that once you have a good energy management system in place you will be able to work out the times in the day when you do not need to use as much power, furthermore you will also be able to work out the seasons when you could turn the power down a little and save money. An example of this would be the winter months in a grocery store, you will not need to have the freezer set at the highest setting.

Q: What uses the MOST Energy In A Commercial Building?

A: Lighting. This is the biggest cost of electricity usage, and it is also the most wasted. In fact, when you have an energy management system installed one of the benefits is that you can automatically program it to dim the lights or even switch them off completely when they are not needed. Lighting being used and also the different types of bulbs that you use the are not energy efficient will cost you a lot of money in energy.

The next biggest culprit in a commercial building is refrigeration. This is worth being mindful of if you are running a restaurant or a grocery store as you will be able to save money without a doubt on refrigeration with a good energy management system.



We hope the above information has given you some help around saving energy in your business.

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