HVAC Energy Monitoring – Save On Costs And Increase Efficiency

Saving money from your commercial energy bills is an investment in your business. One of the key areas that you will want to look at first for any commercial building is the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Essentially, these systems are responsible for air circulation as well is heating and cooling. They are commonly referred to as HVAC.

They can also cost a lot of money!

If you have outdated equipment or if your HVAC system is not maintained correctly and is not optimized to increase efficiency it can quickly end up costing you more than it needs to.

Save Money With HVAC Energy Monitoring:

In 2022, with energy costs skyrocketing this is one of the main areas where you will want to look to save money especially if you have a commercial building or business.

In this post, we will look at the benefits you can experience from HVAC Energy Monitoring, and we will also advise on some of the products that can make this very simple to set up so you can start experiencing the savings straightaway.

Here are the different options that you have to save money with your HVAC systems:

Replace the entire HVAC system:

If you knew for sure that your entire HVAC system was faulty then you can of course save money by replacing the entire system. The problem with this is that as HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, it is unlikely that all of these systems are completely faulty.

In most cases a simple maintenance or the ability to monitor the energy the system is using first is far more cost-effective.

Even if you were to replace the entire system if you do not have it optimized for energy monitoring it can quickly end up costing you more money down the line.

Before you start looking at replacing any parts of the system, we highly recommend that you consider:

HVAC Energy Monitoring:

Here are the benefits:

Reducing Energy Costs:

This is the key benefit and exactly the outcome that you are aiming for. If you are monitoring the energy that you are using, and you also have an automation system installed you will be able to regulate the energy used.

Your business and your HVAC system will use different amounts of energy depending on what time of year it is. So, the amount of energy that you use in summer will be significantly more than you would use the air conditioning in the winter.

The problem is that most basic HVAC systems will have no real way of monitoring exactly how much energy that they are using. When you install a monitoring system it will allow you to see exactly how much energy that you are using and also automatically adjust this.

This means that in terms of comfort for your staff and your consumers, nothing changes. For you as the business owner you are able to save on costs dramatically.

Longer Lifecycle of Current HVAC System:

When we were looking at replacing the entire system above, you will find that by monitoring the energy and also optimizing what you are using you will cause the existing HVAC system to last longer.

So, this is another huge energy saver as well as saving you on costs down the line. With less breakages you may even find that you can get away with less maintenance as well.

HVAC System Works Better:

Another huge plus point is the fact that you will find your HVAC system will work better. If it is running more efficiently you will find that it is not having to work so hard, and it will actually run better.

The other thing that you will be able to do with an energy monitoring system and the ability to optimize control is have the building or commercial premises at exactly the temperature that you want.

This will essentially make your staff and consumers far more comfortable while saving you money as well.

How Does HVAC Energy Monitoring Work?

The best way to think about HVAC energy monitoring and how it works is firstly being able to work out how much energy that you are using. So, a good BMS (Building Management System) will allow you to see where any wastage or overuse is.

As it starts to build a picture over your energy usage it will then optimize to make sure that you are only using exactly what you need.

An example of this would be the different seasons as mentioned above, even different times of the day. When it is 6am and there are very few staff consumers in the building you will be able to optimize your HVAC system, so it is only using the energy that it needs to.

You may have heard of the saying “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.”, This is essentially exactly what an energy management system will help you with.

To go deeper into how the money is saved a good BMS will normally follow these steps:

Identifying excessive energy use – this is normally carried out by a good BMS like Eniscope Air.

By monitoring any excessive energy use and building up a ‘picture’ of the energy that you are using it will allow you to see where any savings can be made.

Identifying high consumption:

You will also be able to see any “peaks and valleys” of energy use which means that you will be able to detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly high or lower.

With Eniscope Air you will be able to visualize this data and have reports that can be split up into daily, weekly or seasonally.

From this point you will be able to determine future energy use and costs which will normally be considerably lower because you are only using the energy that you need.

After this point you can set up performance targets for energy management across your HVAC system.

You can read more about how energy monitoring and targeting works here.

How to Install HVAC Energy Monitoring and Optimization:

Now we have had a look at some of the benefits the next step is to look at getting a BMS or building management system installed. This also leads to its own set of problems, worries about costs, lengthy installation procedures and disruptions as well as the fear that it will not help with costs overall.

Here at Optimizet we are able to save you at least 20% from your commercial bills by giving you total visibility and control across all of your assets.

We are also able to save you costs on maintenance as most maintenance for HVAC is reactive when something goes wrong or prescheduled. By having asset level monitoring, you will be able to assess when an asset is about to break down, so you know the instant that there is a problem. This leads to a far greater likelihood that the problem can be repaired and as your systems are optimized it will mean far less chance of them breaking down in the first place.

In regard to installation all of our products are lightweight, fast to install and easy on the eye. This means that most installations can be done in a matter of hours.


With the cost of energy going up now is the time to consider a BMS system. We urge you to have a look at Eniscope Air which is a suite of products that has been designed to provide your building with a building management system at a fraction of the cost.

You will be able to manage your entire HVAC system and not just monitor the energy but also optimize so you are saving money and making your system more efficient.

If you are looking to save money from your HVAC system or at least start monitoring the energy so you can see exactly what savings are available, we highly recommend that you give us a call for a completely free consultation.

Click here to contact us at Optimizet and get a free consultation so you can save money from your HVAC bills…

Q&A on HVAC Energy Saving:

How Much Energy Is Used By A HVAC System?

Of course, this does depend on the system and whether you have energy-saving devices but as a rule they can use up to 1000 W per tonne of cooling capacity. This means that in a business where you have high ceilings you can use a lot of energy just on your air conditioning. You also have to factory that you will probably need to have it running more than you would do in a residential setting.

What is the quickest way of saving money on the cost of your HVAC System?

The quickest way of saving money off of the cost of energy that you are using with your HVAC system is to make sure that you have energy-saving certified equipment. You could also employ someone to manage how much energy that you are using and the temperature that is maintained.

This of course would cost you for the staff and the maintenance but will save you from your energy bills.

We highly recommend looking at a good energy monitoring system to get the best results, this means that you will be able to adjust this automatically and you will also be able to see exactly how much energy you are spending.

What percentage of energy or electricity is used for HVAC?

This again varies depending on the business, but you can commonly see that the electricity used by your HVAC system can account for 12 to 17% of electrical expenditure, if you use a good building management system you can get the cost down relatively quickly.


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