How To Save On Energy Costs For Your Hotel

With energy costs rising across-the-board and especially for businesses that use more electricity and gas we have some help for you if you are a hotel. The great thing with the following advice is that you will find we have covered many commercial energy saving tips on this site.

A lot of the information and suggestions on how to save energy are the same across many businesses. For instance, if you have a HVAC system then making sure that you maintain servicing, making sure you have energy saving products and that you are monitoring and adjusting based on the amount of energy that you need will always be good advice.

There are some differences however depending on the business that you are in, hotels for instance have energy needs in different areas then an office. We will walk you through some of the best things that you can do if you run a hotel when you are looking to save energy:

Before we get into the main tips, bear in mind that you should look at your energy costs quarterly or annually, this will really give you a great indication that the following advice is working for you and saving you money. The downside of energy-saving is that you will not notice an immediate effect but over time you will definitely be able to save on your bottom line.

  1. Monitor, Report And Adjust:

We are going to give you our top piece of advice straightaway. Without a doubt the best thing that you can do for your hotel if you are serious about saving energy is to monitor, analyze the reports and then adjust accordingly.

The easiest way to do this is to get yourself a good EMS which will allow you to login to the cloud, see all of the energy usage and you will also be able to get a complete picture over the last twenty-four hours. You will be able to pinpoint right to the very second how much energy you are using.

The other great thing about doing it this way is that you are able to analyze and get a complete picture, if you notice any spikes on energy usage then you will be able to see that they will be displayed here.

Once you are analyzing your reports then the best thing to do is adjust to make sure that you are only using energy when you need to. The reason that we recommend a good energy management system is because it makes the whole thing automatic.

While you can employ staff to help you out with this and that can be helpful. The ability to analyze this over twenty-four hours and even outside of working hours gives you a real indication of what needs to be changed so you can save money. You can even automate it to carry out tasks such as turning the heating down when it is not needed, adjusting the air conditioning systems when it is outside work hours. Making sure that your refrigeration is running at the temperature required but also not working overtime.

The best thing about the good energy management system is that it should not interrupt with your hotel and the day-to-day running.

If you are interested in saving yourself the headache from energy bills, then we highly recommend checking out the Eniscope EMS:

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  1. Training:

You can also get better results by saving energy if you involve your staff. As you will employ staff in different areas such as the kitchen, the cleaning, the chambermaids, the bar staff etc… These are all areas which will use energy. By giving someone the job of energy captain, you can make sure that they are following protocols that will keep energy-saving at the forefront.

The other great thing about training your staff is that they will normally tell you where they believe energy has been wasted, as they will see it day-to-day when they are working.

The downside of just having staff to manage energy is that none of this is being done when they are not working. However, it can be a great starting point and it can also be something that you will use in conjunction with our number one suggestion.

  1. Upgrade or Maintain:

This is commonly overlooked as it will be an outlay for you. Whether you are looking to maintain and make sure that your HVAC system is properly checked and maintained, or you are looking to replace with energy-saving equipment it can work out in the long run to save you money. Another area where you will use a lot of money is the lighting for a hotel, if you are able to change to energy-saving LED bulbs you will normally find that you save a lot of money from your energy bills.

Maintaining appliances and making sure that they are checked regularly will help to reduce energy consumption. This also ties in with our top suggestion for monitoring, the reason that monitoring can help here is if an appliance is faulty and using too much energy you will be able to see this by monitoring.

We highly recommend if you are serious about saving on your energy that you consider upgrading to energy-saving regulated products.

  1. Policies:

One thing that is commonly overlooked are the policies of your hotel. You can save energy by reminding your guests to turn off lights and appliances. You can also put-up notices for optimal room temperature ranges, although this is a very small step it can definitely make a big difference on your outlay for energy.


Our main recommendation for a hotel is to look at three main areas where we think you will be using the most energy:


The kitchen is going to be a place where you are going to use a lot of energy. If you are a larger hotel when you have a walking freezer, then make sure that you are having this regularly maintained. With your refrigeration you can follow our guide on commercial refrigeration here and how you can save costs.

This will be an area where you want to consider an upgrade to energy-saving equipment if possible. Even if you are not going to upgrade the equipment booking in a maintenance check is highly recommended.

Again, the perfect scenario here is that you start monitoring the energy consumption. Then you will be able to see if any of your equipment is faulty and if it needs an upgrade. This can save you money in the long run and it can also allow you to see problems before they start costing you more money.


HVAC systems which stand for heating, ventilation and air conditioning are one of the number one costs in any business commercial. This is especially true for a hotel that relies on keeping their guests comfortable.

If you do one thing from this list, make sure that you check out your HVAC system and that it has been regularly maintained. This is an absolute must, and it will mean that you are able to reduce your energy use quite quickly if you make sure that you are saving energy with your HVAC system.

We recommend getting it maintained and also monitoring usage.

If possible, we also recommend turning off the HVAC system in rooms that are not in use and do not have guests present.


When you are trying to save money from the energy cost of running a hotel we highly recommend starting with the above and you will be able to save at least 20% per year from your energy bills. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to make sure that you have a good energy management system. We would love to help here at Optimizet, click here to contact us and we will give you a free consultation and show you exactly how Eniscope EMS can work for you…

There is no obligation and with the business such as a hotel we are fairly confident of saving you money from your energy bills per year…

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