How To Save Energy In Your Car Dealership And Increase Your Profits!

If you are running any type of business in 2022 one of the best ways that you can save money is by monitoring your energy usage and improving, it so you are increasing your bottom-line profit. In this post we want to walk you through some tips that you can use if you want to be able to save energy for your car dealership.

This will allow you to increase profits and it will also allow your business to be more efficient. The other knock-on effect of being able to do this is that your equipment will last for longer and will not have to be working so hard to be able to maintain the same results.

We are going to walk you through how you can save on your energy costs as well as your energy usage in this post. We will cover first the main areas that you need to look at if you are running a car dealership and the assets that will be using the most energy.

We will then give you some tips that you can use to start saving energy straightaway as well as telling you about our energy management system that will allow you to monitor your energy usage and also optimize to save you money from your energy bills.

Car Dealership – Where Is The Energy Being Used?


One of the top areas that we would suggest looking at in a car dealership is your lighting. As you will have a showroom you will have it well-lit throughout the day, this can cost a lot in energy and there are some things that you can do straightaway to try and minimize the amount that you are spending.

Before you even start monitoring your lighting and your energy usage you can double check that you are reducing your energy consumption. We highly recommend installing energy-saving LED lighting, you will find that normal lighting will use up to 100 W and LED lighting uses far less at around 10 W. Straightaway, even with this change you will be able to notice far less energy being used and it will make your business more efficient.

You will also notice that despite LED lights using less power they will also give you a far more resilient bulb that will not break as easily. This means that you will not have to change the bulb quite so often and it will also give you far more efficient lighting and safety.

Cleaning Facilities:

Another area of a car dealership that is normally behind the showroom is the washing facilities. This is where all of the cars will get detailed and of course you will need a pressure washer in order to do this, you can also have dryers as well.

If you are running water and have a pressure washer as well this can use a lot of energy. One of the things that you can do is swap out your pressure washer for a gas-powered pressure washer that will give you a far more powerful choice and it will also allow you to manoeuvre far easier. Of course, this will be costing gas, but you can save on the electric.

If you are going for electric, then we highly recommend spending a little bit more money on your pressure washer going for something that allows you to adjust the power that you are using. That way you will be able to set it at a lower power if you are just doing some general cleaning and it will work far easier when you are pressure washing cars all day. For instance, you could probably get away with using slightly less power when you are cleaning the plastic trims as opposed to the paintwork.

This one step might not sound like a lot, but it can help save energy over time.


Another area that is commonly overlooked are the main doors to the showroom, these will normally include shutters the security and of course this will use electric. One of the things that you can do here is to make sure that the motor that is running the shutters is correctly maintained. If you go for something that is energy-saving will work far better and it will save you money over time.

If you also make sure that it is running correctly you will be able to spend far less on energy used.

Power Generators:

If you have a dealership that has power generators, make sure that you are using energy-efficient and energy-saving versions. You can also carry out an audit to make sure that you need to run the power generators that you have. A power generator does give you the benefit of being able to get power any time that you need it, but it can be very expensive especially in 2022 when the energy prices are soaring.


Staff members can be commonly overlooked with energy-saving. Make sure if you are following the tips from above that you appoint some of your staff members in each department to keep an eye on energy used. Even by just using common sense and making sure that you are not leaving lights on when they are not needed it can save you money from your bottom-line.


As with any commercial building the same is true with a car dealership you will most likely have a HVAC system. These can use a tremendous amount of energy and they are also notorious for not being very efficient. Although they will give you ventilation and air conditioning, they can run at an increased rate and end up spending you more on your energy bills. We highly recommend checking out some of the suggestions below that will give you an energy management system that will be able to maintain and adjust all of the areas above.


If you want to save money off of your energy usage with your car dealership than we highly recommend that you check out the good energy management system. Essentially what this will do for you is take all of the areas that we have had a look at above, it will allow you to monitor first and foremost to see where the energy is going.

Based on the monitoring you will be able to see your highest times of usage and it will also suggest you when you can turn the power down or even strip out assets that are not needed. By doing this you are able to monitor the entire dealership 24/7.

This will allow you to monitor your HVAC system, your lighting, any asset that you want and adjust automatically so you are only using energy when you need to. An example of this with the car dealership would be the lights at 5am, they probably do not need to be running at full power when no staff are in the building. This will not save you money instantly, if you add up the savings over a year you can commonly save 20% – 30% from your energy bills.

We would love to hear from you if you want to save money on your car dealership and your energy costs.

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