How To Carry Out An Energy Audit For Your Business

If you are trying to combat rising energy costs it can help to conduct an energy audit for your business. We will walk you through some of the steps that you can take, and it will help you see how much energy that you are using as well as take steps to save on your energy usage.

What is an Energy Audit?

Ultimately a commercial energy audit for your business is used to spot the areas that you are using energy and find any waste. Think of it as “building a picture” of your energy usage which is then easy to spot excess usage.

Once you know the areas of your business that are using more energy you can then take steps to combat this and save on your bottom line.

What Does an Energy Audit Involve?

An energy audit involves taking a look at everything in your business that uses energy. This will include looking at the building and even the structure of the building it will of course include looking at the equipment that you are using.

Once the audit has been completed you will normally get a plan that will identify the main areas where you can save energy.

You will also get a report on the equipment that you are using and how you can save on maintenance as well as upgrades.

An area that is commonly overlooked with an energy audit is the staff. Staff habits and energy wasting activities can also be taken into account to help you save money over the year.

Some of the main areas that an energy audit will look at are as follows:

HVAC systems – This is a huge part of energy usage in most commercial buildings and normally you will be able to spot ways that you can save energy on your HVAC system.

Lighting – This is essential, but it can also burn through a lot of energy. By having a full audit of your lighting, you will normally spot where you can save money.

Building Structure – Even the building structure is taken into account and the amount of insulation or heat loss that you have will be included in most energy audits.

Process line – If you are running a manufacturing company you will normally be able to save energy from the process that you are using and the equipment that you are using as well.

Can You Carry Out Your Own Energy Audit?

Yes! You can carry out your own energy audit and we encourage it; we have even put together a checklist that will help you to do this yourself. One thing that we highly recommend if you want to do this properly is to get a professional to carry out an energy audit. This will help you to spot energy wasting areas that you might not be able to assess yourself.

Example of an Energy Audit:

We wanted to put together an explanation of what an example energy audit might look like.

For instance:

HVAC Energy Audit:

Some of the questions that are asked around a HVAC energy audit are as follows:

How old are your HVAC systems?

Are they regularly maintained?

Are they energy efficient?

Schedule of the HVAC system to see whether there are any areas where you do not need to have it running.

Are there energy spikes in usage?

Does anything come up on the report that suggests the unit is failing?

There are many more questions, but you can see by building a picture of each individual system in your business you will be able to save energy.

Lighting Energy Audit:

An example some of the questions you would ask when conducting a lighting energy audit are as follows:

Do you use halogen or LED bulbs?

Is there any lighting that is used that is no longer needed?

What are the types that the lights are switched on and off?

Do you have automatic timer for your lighting to prevent unnecessary usage?

What is the staff’s behavior around using lighting?

Building Energy Audit:

An example of a building energy audit is looking at the efficiency of the building.

This will involve looking at the structure and seeing whether there is insulation.

Also looking at the quality of the doors and windows and whether any are leaking as well as any doors or windows that are left unnecessarily open.

Computer Systems:

An energy audit around your computer equipment would involve making sure that you have energy saving technology. For instance, a monitor that will automatically switch itself off when it is not being used.

Computers generate heat and by making sure that you get an efficient computer system you will be using far less energy.

Staff Procedure:

Another area to have a look at is your staff.

Are there any procedures in place that will help with energy-saving?

Is there anyone appointed to find ways of saving energy?

This is a great idea if you currently have staff as you can get them to help you save energy from your business.

When you have a look at the above, some of the main areas where energy usage is the highest will be:


HVAC systems

Computer systems

Building maintenance

Outdated equipment


It is very easy to put off an energy audit. It can cost you time and energy and it can also seem like it will not help with rising energy costs. However, if you spot that some of your equipment can be upgraded to be far more efficient.

If you spot that you are able to switch some lights off that you were currently using.

If you are able to get your staff on site to help you with energy saving you will be able to save up to 20% off of your energy bill.


The downside to doing all of the above is that it will require a lot of work and time. We highly recommend that if you want to save money from your business and increase your bottom line that you get an energy audit and consider an EMS.

An EMS or energy management system is essentially able to complete all of the tasks above on autopilot. This means that you are able to carry out an energy audit 24/7 even when people are not working.

This is done with the product like Eniscope EMS, it takes me hours to set up and it will automatically record all of the energy usage in your business. You will then be able to login from anywhere in the world and see exactly how much energy that you are using.

It will even tell you if there are any energy spikes that could mean your equipment is outdated. It will even tell you recommendations on what to do to save energy.

With the ability to set this up in just a few hours and also have it working 24 hours a day it is a must have. If you’re looking to save money from rising energy bills, then getting an energy audit and considering a good EMS is highly recommended.

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