How Much Energy Can You Save With A BMS? Can A Building Management System Really Help?

Today we want to give you some help if you are considering a building management system or an energy management system for your business. There are a few questions that come up and we wanted to focus on the most important and then give you more information on how much you are likely to save in your business.

In this article we will cover:

How much energy you can save with a BMS?

The advantages to using a BMS…

How long it will take to set up a BMS…

Energy savings depending on business type…

How to work out whether a BMS is right for you…

Recommendations to start saving energy in your business…

How Much Energy Can You Save With A BMS?

To answer this question depends very much on your business and your current setup. For instance, if you have a larger building, a lot of HVAC systems and you also have a lot of energy being used then you can definitely save more.

Ultimately, when you are talking about saving energy the end result is the business saving money and increasing the bottom line for profits.

There is really no commercial business or building that will not benefit from a good BMS or energy management system.

This is because the way they work is by first regulating and reporting on all of your energy usage. This alone can save you money if it was the only thing that you were going to do. Just by being able to see reports of how much energy that you are using gives you a really good picture as to how to save costs.

Then, when you look at some of the better BMS you are also able to control all of your assets from the cloud no matter where you are. As they are monitoring 24/7 it means that you can set this up automatically to lower energy when it is not used or needed.

A great example of this would be an office block with the HVAC system.

If it is 4 AM in the morning and there are very little staff present or workers there is no point in running your HVAC at full capacity, you would use a good BMS to automatically change the power that you are using and over time this will definitely save you money.

To make the question really easy for you to see exactly how much you would save if you were to set up a BMS and it was automating your three main business costs which will normally be your HVAC system, your buildings lighting and window shading in some cases you may be able to save anywhere from 20% to 50%.

Even if you would just automate the usage of your HVAC system you can commonly save 25% from the cost of your energy bills.

In 2022, there is no better time to look at a good BMS system and see how much you can save.

What are the advantages of a BMS?

When you are considering a building management system it is easy just think of the money that you will save from your energy bills. This is the #1 reason to consider having a good system installed.

However, there are also other benefits, and this is thanks to the monitoring that the building management system will do for you. As it is able to monitor energy usage it is also able to tell if one of your assets is due for maintenance or even if it is faulty.

This means that in terms of servicing it will work out to be far cheaper for you as you will be able to see to the problem before it becomes a serious repair. The other reason that it works really well is because it will allow you to shut off the asset and not use a lot of energy until you get it fixed.

Think of a situation in a restaurant where one of the freezers is faulty. If it was just using more energy and the external fans were not operating correctly, the only way that you will be able to tell is with a higher energy bill. If you have a good BMS it is able to spot the norm between your assets and inform you if they are using too much energy.

As well saving on energy costs directly it is also able to monitor and will let you know if any of your assets need repairing.

Of course, this also means that you can save on maintenance. As you are monitoring yourself then you probably do not need to have regular maintenance and can just get it booked in when it starts flagging in terms of performance.

Another advantage is that if you were to monitor all of your assets then this would normally mean employing lots of staff members where their main job was to monitor and provide feedback. The problem is, unless you were to hire someone to do this 24/7 there is no way that it would be as effective as a BMS that is able to do it automatically.

A huge benefit is the fact that this will be switched on and working for you 24/7 so you can have feedback across all of your assets on one dashboard. No traveling around the building, no employing more staff members and no mistakes being made. As well as the fact that you will be able to see all of the data and all of the energy that you are using plus suggestions on how to save more money.

How long will it take to set up a BMS?

This does depend on the way that the BMS works. Here at Optimizet we have Eniscope Air IoT that is able to be set up in just a few hours. It gives you a main hub where you will be able to view all of your data on the cloud any time that you want to. All of your assets will connect to the main hub, and you are able to get all of the data that you need on your energy usage.

Furthermore, you are able to set up scheduling times and you can also allow the system to work out the best times to turn the energy up and down to save you the most money.

The best thing is that in terms of setup this can normally be done in a few hours, the other really good thing is that you will not normally have to interrupt your business to be able to install this and get it working for you.

A super-fast setup and the capacity to be a powerful BMS that will save you money from your business.

Part of the reason that this is so fast to set up is because it runs off of the IoT technology. This allows you to login and see all of the data that you need to know matter where you are in the world, and it also means that everything is communicating with the main hub 24/7.

That means that no matter what day you are able to see exactly how much energy that you are using and how you are getting on.

Energy Savings Based On Business Types?

If you’re wondering whether a BMS will work for you in most industries, you will be able to see anything from a 25% saving to a 50%+ saving.

As mentioned earlier, this does depend on the current building setup and how big your businesses as well as how many assets that you are looking to monitor.

Some of the top industries that will benefit from a business management system are as follows:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Breweries

Any business that has a wide range of assets that use energy will benefit from an engine management system or a building management system.

The businesses above would also require quite a robust HVAC and lighting system, this is also an area where a good building management system can help. Just in the same way you are able to schedule and tweak the HVAC system to only work when you need it, you can also do the same thing with lighting as well.

Obviously, you will not notice the costs too much day by day but when you look over the quarter how much money you are saving you will see a huge benefit from a good BMS being installed.

The percentage you save will depend on the business, how much energy is needed and how much energy is being used currently.

How to work out whether a BMS is right for you?

If you have a business in any of the industries that we have mentioned before that uses a HVAC system or a lighting control system, the chances are you will save money with a good building management system.

If you have additional assets such as a security control system, CCTV system, lift control system, pumping system, water tanks, irrigation system or refrigeration units you will no doubt save more money by integrating a building management system with these.

Essentially, any business that is using energy will be able to save money with a good building management system and this is because by monitoring and then implementing energy-saving directly into the business you will be only using the energy that is needed. You will save directly, indirectly you will also save from maintenance costs as well.

Recommendations to start saving energy in your business?

We highly recommend that you check out our range of products that can help you with saving energy and money in your business.

We offer a free consultation at Optimizet and this means that you are able to get something that is catering for your business and specific for your needs.

We would love to speak to you and offer a completely free, no obligation consultation so you can see how much we can save you in your business.

We will also show you people in your industry that have save money with a similar setup to yourself if applicable.

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