Business Energy Monitoring – Your First Step To Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

If you are running any business, then you will know about energy costs. We’re going to discuss on this post one of the most effective ways of saving money from your energy bills. This is of course using business energy monitoring.

As times have moved forward there are numerous ways that you can set up energy monitoring, you will also be pleased to know that it is not a huge task. You will not, in most cases need to install huge computer systems and have to adjust your complete working space.

This means that it is one of the most effective ways to see the energy that you are using and of course adjust so you can save costs. Some of the best systems will also automatically adjust based on different times of the day, different energy use requirements and that means that you can save money from your energy bills.

This was also one of our top recommendations on how you can save on the cost of energy for commercial buildings. In fact, this is where you will see energy monitoring installed regularly.

You will find the most common method to start monitoring the energy that your business is using is with a:

Business Management System or (BMS):

Essentially, the way a good business management system will work is by giving you all of the data for the most energy intensive equipment that you are using. If you think about some of the systems in a commercial building or business that use the most energy you will find that these building management systems are set up to control lighting, save on HVAC costs, security systems and even elevators.

Some of the best ones will also allow you to schedule certain tasks so you are only using power at certain times of the day.

By giving you a central hub so you are able to read all of the data and see how much energy that you are using and then adjust this is how you can start saving money from your energy bills. You can read more about the benefits of a Business Management System here…

IoT Set Up Is Best:

When you are looking at a good business management system (BMS) some of the best will also give you Internet Of Things or (IoT).

These are devices that will give you the best amount of feedback on your current energy systems, with the extra insight you will gain from the data it will allow you to save more money on your energy. Essentially, all of this works together to let you know as the building owner or the building manager where you can save money from your energy bills.

An IoT system is also quick and easy to install and normally works off a small device that will collect data throughout the building.

This means that you are able to get real-time feedback and monitoring and some of the most popular areas where a IoT platform is set up are as follows:



Walk in fridges and freezers for restaurants


Ventilation systems

Industrial/factory machinery

As they are able to work silently collecting all of the data, you will be able to easily see your peak times and when you can save on energy by switching these systems off. Also, some of the best will automatically optimize and that means that you will be saving money on autopilot for your business.

Before you have one of these systems installed for your business you will talk about the goals that you are looking to achieve:

Energy monitoring:

One of the easiest goals for a business using a good IoT platform is energy monitoring. This can start working straightaway and you will be able to get readouts of the data and the energy that is being used. Then of course you can plan appropriately to save money on the energy that you are using.

Energy optimization:

Going further than just monitoring you can also look at energy usage patterns, this will let you know how your energy is being spent but also when it is being used. This means that not only will you be able to save on the costs, but you can also optimize your business, so it runs more efficiently, and you get the energy that you want when you need it.

Automated Energy Saving:

Some of the best IoT platforms can also automatically adjust to save you energy on the fly. This is by building a picture of how much energy that you are using and then it will adjust automatically so you will only be using the energy that you need at any given time.

Main Benefit of an IoT Platform:

The main benefit apart from the obvious energy monitoring and energy-saving that will result in saving money for your business, is that these platforms are relatively easy to set up. You can also change the way they work on the fly.

You will also be able to see the data that matters to you and make sure that you can optimize based on the feedback.

Quite simply, any business that uses energy should consider an energy monitoring system and one of the easiest ways of doing this currently is using a good IoT platform.

Alternatives To A Business Management System (BMS) or IoT platform?

The only alternative that you might be able to find is that some energy companies will offer free energy monitors if you sign up for a contract with them.

The only problem with this is you will more than likely not get a good service as you have no idea how effective a free monitoring device will be.

We would highly recommend staying away from “free” monitors as you will normally find that they do not work very well to give you real data and feedback.

How To Get Started With A Good IoT Platform?

If you are interested in benefiting from the savings that you can make with your business, we highly encourage you to check out our Eniscope Air IoT suite.

This has been developed specifically to provide your building with a light and agile building management system, we are also proud to say that we can normally do this at a fraction of the cost that would be associated with a full business management system.

You will find that once you have Eniscope Air installed it will give you a truly smart solution:

You will be able to:

– Asset, building and estate-levels of energy data

– Individual asset control, scheduling and intelligent automation

– Digitization of previously manual tasks

– Real-time environment monitoring (air quality, temperature, light etc.)

The main purpose is of course to reduce your energy bill, streamline and optimize your operations and also enhancing your profit margins.

Most businesses that have Eniscope Air installed can expect to see at least 20% energy savings. This is because you will be able to have visibility and control across your assets. You will be able to see where the energy is being spent and optimize so you are only using the energy that you need with no excess.

You will also find that this is very easy to maintain as most of the maintenance is reactive or prescheduled. You will also be able to see your assets and it will let you know if an asset is about to break down and alarm so you will know instantly if there is a problem.

The best thing is that apart from the savings you will find that our products are lightweight, very fast to install and that means that they can get on doing the job that they are intended for which is saving you money and optimizing the energy that you use.

For more information, click here to check out the Eniscope Air IoT platform…

Final Thoughts:

As mentioned at the start of the article, if you are running a business with processes and equipment then you will be using energy. We highly recommend looking at a good business management system (BMS) or IoT platform.

When you weigh up the cost, the ease of installation and of course the huge savings that you will make year-on-year it is worth doing now rather than later.

In fact, at the time of writing in 2022, energy costs are going up astronomically, by installing a good business management system you can save money quite easily.

We also highly encourage you to check out this article on how to save on the cost for commercial buildings.

We hope this is helped you understand how a good business energy monitoring system can help and some of the easiest methods to install.

Here at Optimizet we can help you save on your energy with our range of products.

Feel free to contact us for a completely free consultation where we can show you how you can save on the energy bills for your business.

Click here to contact us for your free consultation…

FAQs on Business Energy Monitoring:

Q: What are the benefits you get with business energy monitoring?

A: You will find that you get cost reduction, lower carbon footprint you will also get a return on investment and the ultimate goal are lower overheads.

Q: How does energy monitoring work?

A: An energy monitor will allow you to see in real-time exactly how much energy that you are using. We highly recommend if you install an energy monitoring system to make sure that you get one like Eniscope that will also automatically adjust so you are saving money.

Q: Are there ways that you can save energy in your business manually?

A: Yes! You can click here to read a full article on the best practices to start saving energy and costs for your business.

Q: What is the ultimate goal with energy management?

A: For any business the ultimate goal is to see the energy that you are using, ways to improve the energy consumption and therefore saving you energy and increasing your bottom line.

Q: What is the fastest way to get an energy audit?

A: We can help here at Optimizetcontact us today for a free consultation.



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