Business Electricity Usage Monitor – Read This Before You Install…

If you are trying to save on energy costs for your business, then the very first thing that you can start looking to is monitoring your energy usage. You will normally find that to do this you will use a commercial electricity usage monitor or a business electricity usage monitor.

You will also find that these are commonly referred to as an energy monitoring system.

With rising energy costs, you can see why this would be beneficial for your business. To be able to monitor and evaluate the electricity that you are using will save you money off of your energy bills.

There are other reasons that you will want to monitor your energy usage. You will be able to see if you have any faulty equipment, you will normally find that you have “spikes” of energy usage in faulty equipment, and it can help you to replace them or even to have them repaired before there is a major problem.

It will also allow you to see the commercial equipment that is using the most energy. Once you are monitoring this, you can then optimize the usage and work to make your equipment more efficient.

An example of this would be energy-saving equipment if not currently in place, another example of this would be an LED light instead of the standard halogen bulb.

Having a monitoring system also helps because it will work for longer hours than any staff member can. Obviously, you could employ staff to be able to monitor energy usage and even put steps in place to try and safeguard against using too much energy.

However, the difference is that once you have a business electricity usage monitor in place it will be able to work twenty-four hours a day for you and provide reports.

We do have some advice for you however if you are looking at installing a commercial electricity usage monitor.

The KEY To Saving On Energy Bills:

The key thing that you will want to bear in mind if you are going to install a monitor is that you will want to go for an energy management system. If you are running a commercial business such as a restaurant, a car dealership or a convenience store. Essentially, it can be any business that has electrical equipment it will be no good just monitoring how much you are using in order to save.

Of course, you could monitor and then manually adjust to try and save money however there is a far more efficient way.

If you install an energy management system, or a business management system it will mean that instead of just monitoring and bringing up all of the details on how much electricity you are using, it will also automatically adjust the settings, so you are only using what you need.

This is the KEY.

As a good energy management system can work 24 hours a day it can quickly build a picture of the energy that you are using and automatically adjust the energy output to match only what is needed.

Sure, this does not sound like a huge difference if we are just dealing with one electrical device.

If you run a restaurant, a convenience store or a car lot you will be able to see an incredible difference as if it can automatically adjust so you are not using as much electricity on all of your devices you can commonly save up to 20% over an entire year.

The other thing that you will find is that you can easily confuse a business electricity usage monitor to a smart monitor. You will find that a smart monitor is normally installed by an electricity company and all of the details are sent directly to your energy supplier.

This is of course meant to save you money however a business electricity usage monitor allows you to see the details and optimize for your own business. You will find an energy monitor will give you a good idea of what you can expect your bill to be but the main purpose of it is to save you money off of your energy bill.

As we mentioned above, it also helps with saving money off of maintenance. You will normally find that if an appliance is ready to break it will give strange energy readings and “spikes” – you will be able to spot this before anything happens and repair it instead of a costly replacement.

The Downside?

You may be thinking if a business electricity usage monitor is so valuable why does every business not get them installed. This is not normally because of the money that they will save but because they fear that they will have to shut down the business while the energy management system is installed.

The good news is that with us at Optimizet we have the Eniscope EMS, and we are able to install this in most cases within a few hours. This means that from a few hours you will be able to login to the cloud and see all of your data any time that you want to know matter where you are.

You will also be able to adjust the appliances that are hooked up to the system and can also program it to automatically save you energy and therefore saving you money from your energy bills.

Another thing to think about is that it will improve your businesses carbon footprint and help do your piece for energy-saving globally as well.

The main reason that businesses install an electricity usage monitor, or a management system is to save money.

We would love to show you what our product Eniscope EMS can do for you and your business. It will give you a complete bird’s eye view of the energy that you are using, and it will also automatically start optimizing this to save you energy and money.

What to do now?

If you are interested in seeing what an energy management system can do for your business, we highly recommend that you contact us today at Optimizet, we will give you a free consultation and we can also show you businesses just like yours that have benefited from a good EMS. We will also give you advice on how much you could save every year.

Click here for a free consultation and see exactly what an energy management system can do for your business…

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